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Best Family Accommodation in Melbourne

Hey everyone! Looking for the best family-friendly hotels in Melbourne? I’ve got you covered. I went looking for places where families can have a great time without the hassle. These hotels offer cool pools for the kids, big, comfy rooms, and are close to all the fun stuff in Melbourne.

I wanted to find hotels where both kids and parents could have a blast and relax. So, stay tuned, whether you’re from here and need a mini-break or are visiting and want to see what Melbourne offers. I’ll show you where you can make some awesome family memories with a touch of comfort and loads of fun.

Let’s find the perfect spot for your family’s next adventure in Melbourne!

1. Novotel South Wharf

This hotel is perfect for families, offering a fun stay with its child-friendly environment. It’s close to DFO South Wharf and other exciting places, making exploring the city’s attractions easy.

The hotel aims to make family vacations in Melbourne unforgettable, pampering kids with special treats. Its spacious rooms provide a comfy place to relax after a fun day. Its location near Melbourne’s CBD allows families quick access to various entertainment options.

Novotel South Wharf stands out if you’re looking for affordable yet quality accommodation in Melbourne for families. It combines comfort and adventure with its family-friendly features and central location, making it an excellent choice for staying in the Melbourne CBD.

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2. Mecure Hotel Pullman Albert Park

This hotel is perfect for families looking for luxury and fun. The rooms are elegant and peaceful, with large windows that let in lots of light and offer beautiful views of the lake or city.

The hotel has family-friendly features, like a heated indoor pool for kids to play in and adults to relax. The restaurants even have special menus for kids, making everyone feel welcome. Located close to Melbourne’s top spots, Pullman Hotel Albert Park is an excellent choice for families wanting to explore the city and enjoy comfortable, high-quality accommodation.

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3. Crowne Plaza

I recently checked out the family package at Crowne Plaza in Melbourne, which is known for being great for families. This package made our stay even better. When we arrived, my kids got free activity packs, which they loved. The buffet breakfast had something for everyone, even the fussiest eater.

There was a Kids’ Corner full of games and toys where the kids could play safely, which meant we could relax. The hotel is also opposite Crown Towers, offering easy access to activities such as the casino, cinema, restaurants, and more. The heated rooftop pool was the perfect place to chill after seeing the sights in Melbourne. Crowne Plaza stands out as a top choice for families. The amenities they offer met our needs and made our trip to Melbourne CBD special.

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4. Crown Promenade

This hotel is great for families travelling with kids. It offers big rooms with the comfort and convenience needed for a relaxing stay.

With children in mind, the hotel features kid-friendly pools and fun activities to entertain the little ones daily. Parents will find a perfect mix of luxury and practical features, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable stay. Crown Promenade also offers special deals that are ideal for family holidays in Melbourne, adding extra value to an already great staycation.

Choosing Crown Promenade for your stay in Melbourne’s CBD means picking a place that meets the needs of every family member. It’s more than just a place to sleep; it’s an experience that pays attention to the little things. Crown Promenade stands out as one of the top family-friendly hotels in Melbourne, guaranteeing a memorable stay.

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5. Sofitel on Collins

The hotel’s excellent location makes it easy for families to see the best parts of the city. Both adults and kids get special treatment here, making it a top choice for family vacations in Melbourne. The experience is upscale, setting a high bar.

Staying at the Sofitel on Collins was more impressive than we thought it would be. The hotel understands what families need, offering big and comfortable rooms that are stylish, too. It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s about enjoying high-quality surroundings. The staff were attentive, ensuring we had a smooth and enjoyable stay, which is what the Sofitel brand is known for.

Our visit wasn’t just about the fancy rooms. It was about making lasting memories in a city we love. For families looking for the best place to stay in Melbourne, or if you need a kid-friendly hotel, Sofitel on Collins is a top choice. It’s dedicated to making family stays memorable, making it one of the best options for anyone looking for top family hotels in Melbourne or the best places for families to stay in the Melbourne CBD.

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6. The Sebel Melbourne Docklands

This city centre hotel is perfect for families seeking convenience and comfort. It offers apartment-style rooms that give families the needed space, making everyone feel at home. The location in the lively Docklands area means easy access to Melbourne’s top sights, perfect for family outings.

What makes The Sebel Melbourne Docklands stand out are its family-friendly amenities. The heated indoor pool and in-apartment kitchens cater specifically to families, ensuring a memorable stay. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking comfortable family accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD, offering great value and making it our top pick for family stays in the city.

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7. Hotel Chadstone

Hotel Chadstone transforms the family staycation experience by combining luxury accommodation with an exceptional shopping experience, thanks to its prime location. Direct access to Chadstone Shopping Centre allows families to enjoy shopping effortlessly. It’s a standout choice for families wanting to mix relaxation with shopping excitement.

Unlike many, Hotel Chadstone caters to families, with special activities designed to keep children entertained and engaged. The spacious family rooms and child-friendly amenities ensure a comfortable, stress-free stay. It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s where families can make lasting memories.

This hotel doesn’t just offer luxury; it’s directly connected to one of Melbourne’s key shopping hubs, making it a top choice for family accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD. Focusing on providing kids with a fun and memorable experience makes it an unbeatable option for family holidays. Hotel Chadstone represents the perfect mix of style, convenience, and fun, making it an unforgettable experience for any family visiting Melbourne.

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