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10 Best Beaches in Perth, Western Australia

Hello, beach lovers and sun seekers! Are you ready to dive into the ultimate guide to Perth’s beach scene? Perth is known for its lovely beaches and sunny weather. Grab your sunnies and a cold beer – we’re about to embark on a sandy adventure through some of Australia’s most stunning coastlines. Perth, you sun-kissed beauty, you’re up!

1. Cottesloe Beach

The first stop is Cottesloe Beach, a 20-minute drive from Perth. Think crystal-clear waters, pristine sands, and that perfect Instagram sunset shot. It’s the beach equivalent of a triple-chocolate sundae – classic, indulgent, and always a good idea. It has lots of entertainment for Adults and Kids. Whether you’re keen to surf, snorkel, or sunbathe, ‘Cott’ has it all. And let’s not forget the seaside cafes and pubs – because what’s a day at the beach without a cheeky fish and chips?

2. Scarborough Beach

Next, we’re hitting Scarborough Beach. Driving time from Perth is 20 minutes. This one’s for the surf enthusiasts and those who love a vibrant beach atmosphere. With its recent facelift (hello, fancy new facilities and a shiny amphitheatre!), Scarborough is more than just great waves. It’s a hub for fitness junkies, families, and late-night beach party lovers.  It’s got plenty of shops, Cafes and restaurants. Pro tip: The sunsets here are unreal – like, “do I live on this planet?” unreal.

3. Trigg Beach

Now, let’s talk about Trigg Beach. A bit more laid-back than its northern neighbour, Scarborough, Trigg is a hotspot for surfers looking for that perfect break. But it’s not just for the wave-riders – the rocky outcrops and natural bushland make it a scenic spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic. You might even spot a dolphin or two frolicking in the waves if you’re lucky!

4. City Beach

City Beach, oh, how we love thee! Located in Perth’s northern suburbs and just 20 minutes from Perth CBD, with its sprawling sands, playgrounds, and picnic spots, it’s the perfect setting for a family day out. And let’s not forget the fabulous eateries lining the shore – perfect for a post-swim feast. The vibe here is relaxed, friendly, and oh-so-Aussie. Pack a cricket set and your best BBQ skills – this beach is all about fun and games.

5. Leighton Beach

Chasing the wind? Head to Leighton Beach, just north of Fremantle. This spot is a kite surfer’s dream, with consistent breezes and wide, open spaces. It’s less crowded than other beaches, making it a peaceful haven for those seeking a quiet day by the sea. Plus, the shallow waters make it a

great spot for beginners to dip their toes into the world of kite surfing. And for the dog owners, rejoice! There’s a stretch of beach where your furry friends can run free and join in on the fun.

6. Rottnest Island: The Ultimate Beach Escape

Technically, it’s a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, but Rottnest Island deserves a special shoutout. With over 60 beaches  to choose from (hello, variety!), you’ll find everything from secluded bays to popular snorkelling spots. The waters here are teeming with colorful fish, coral reefs, and even friendly sea lions! And let’s not forget the island’s famous residents – the adorable quokkas, ready to smile for a selfie with you. It’s a beach adventure and wildlife encounter rolled into one! 

Rottnest Island

7. Port Beach, North Fremantle

For something a bit different, head to the beaches of North Fremantle. They’re a little more rugged, a little more secluded, and a lot more bohemian. Perfect for those who want to escape the typical beach scene and enjoy a more laid-back vibe. Plus, the cafes and bars in the area serve up some seriously good eats and drinks.

8. Coogee Beach

 Let’s talk about Coogee Beach. Nestled a bit south of Fremantle, this beach is a slice of coastal heaven. It’s like the calm, collected sibling of the more bustling beaches. Coogee is a haven for families – with its calm waters, it’s perfect for the kids to splash around safely. Plus, there’s a fantastic playground that’s bound to be a hit with the little ones. And for the history buffs, the nearby Omeo Shipwreck is a snorkelling treat – who doesn’t love a bit of underwater exploration?

9. Mettam’s Pool

Mettam’s Pool isn’t just a snorkelling hotspot; it’s an underwater display. Here, you’ll find more colourful fishes than in a box of Froot Loops – and maybe even a few that missed the casting call for ‘Finding Dory’. It’s about 25 minutes from Perth. The calm, shallow waters make it perfect for families. It’s like a natural kiddie pool, minus the weird chlorine smell and that one floatie that’s been drifting around since last summer.

The scenery? Oh, it’s so picturesque; your camera will practically leap out of your bag, begging for a selfie with the sea. The sun-dappled water sparkles like a sea of diamonds, making it impossible not to snap a thousand pics. Let’s just say if Instagram had a ‘love’ button, Mettam’s Pool would break it!

And let’s not forget the sand – so fine and soft, it feels like Mother Nature sifted it through her fingers. Perfect for building sandcastles or just wiggling your toes in while you sunbathe and ponder life’s big questions, like ‘Why does the ocean make us feel so calm?

10. Yanchep Lagoon

Next, we venture north to Yanchep Lagoon. It’s a one-hour drive from Perth. This spot is a bit of a local secret, so let’s keep it down low. The lagoon is a snorkelling paradise with crystal-clear waters and an abundance of marine life. It’s like swimming in a giant, natural aquarium. The sheltered waters make it an excellent spot for beginners or those who want a peaceful dip. And when you’re done with the water, the grassy areas nearby are perfect for a lazy beach picnic. 

Beach Etiquette and Safety

Remember, folks, with great beaches come great responsibilities. Always swim between the flags, slap on that SPF 50+ (reapply, reapply, reapply!), and stay hydrated. And please, keep our beaches beautiful by taking your rubbish with you.

 Perth’s Beach Bliss

There you have it – a whirlwind tour of Perth’s best beaches. Whether you’re a surfer, a sunbather, or just someone who loves the sound of the waves, Perth’s beaches are calling your name. So, throw on that swimsuit, grab your beach towel, and make a splash in one of Australia’s most gorgeous coastal cities. Beach days are the best days.

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